Thursday, October 23, 2008

LFMB revisted, chapter 2.

Well, since my initial hospital visit, it's been a long strange trip indeed. Complete with heart surgery of a sort, out patient. atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia is what they called it, after they went in a poked about for a bit. Fired up the good ole cardiac ablation gizmo, zapped the suspect nerve bundle, could no longer induce the arrhythmia, called it done.
Which is all well and good. However, I know this is a problem that has dogged me for nearly 20 years now, but I don't actually think it was what landed me in the ER, and then into the hospital for a couple of days. I think, it is what they call panic disorder. All I can say about all that, is that it was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced in my half a century, and I've experienced some frightening things.

So, in view of all of that, I had the surgery, then took the rest of that week off. Went back to work the following week, then took off for a 2 week
'vacation' or more to the point, a work avoidance break. More on that in a bit.

In the mean time, some fun.

The Lazy Fat Man's Bike. Almost ready for the commute. I haven't yet figured out how to take good pics of this thing. It's an awkward beast.

For those who care; It's a TerraTrike, by WizWheelz of Hastings Michigan. Hard to figure the model. But according to the good folks at WizWheelz, it's an early model Tour. As noted earlier, I did buy it used. Equipped with an Old Man Mountain rack, A rear light that I dug out of my parts bin, a Sigma KARMA headlight, Sigma computer, some kinda panniers from off the wall down at Blackwater Bikes.

The Karma is an interesting light, and this is a key point for some folks out there shopping for lights. I bought it from a Bike Shop!, and not only that, I paid Retail! Why on earth? Because I enjoyed the fact that I could put my nasty pudgy fingers all over it, and talk to the proprietor about it at length. I didn't have to spend endless hours agonizing over this light vs that light in various bike forums, and battery forums, and flash light forums, and so on. I was there, it was there, it fit my need, I bought it. In case anyone cares, that's how commerce works!

I know, I know, as a 'good internet consumer' I'm supposed to buy something off a website, at the lowest price, and whine about shipping, decide I don't like it, read somewhere that I could get something better, return it, demand all my money back, buy something else, repeat, ad
nauseum. However, this doesn't do the folks who do this stuff for a living any favors. Honestly, I prefer doing business with a purveyor of the stuff I want/need, over going for the bottom price. I'm trying to opt out of The Race to the Bottom. The RTTB stresses me out. Stress, I don't need.

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