Monday, October 27, 2008

Looking Forward, Looking Back.

Looking back,
To where we are now. Gasoline transport, Coal power.


It works, Sure. But we all know where it ends. Or rather, we certainly should.

But looking forward, it looks a bit different.

Small, people powered transport, wind power.

Sure, it too has problems, like on this drizzly, cold
day for instance. Wind power has problems too,
big ones at that. As big as coal? No, different from coal. And unlike coal, the problems with wind power are probably surmountable.

The problems with personal transport are many. Cars work, trucks work, why folks use'em. But again, they have huge problems, just huge. Smaller, more efficient transport has different problems. And unlike cars and trucks, the problems with small personal transport, and it's counterpart, mass transit, are probably surmountable.

I drove my car to the trailhead on the bike path this morning, and rode this silly contraption the last few miles into work. These last few are the worst. I arrived at work, having had a textbook proper 'cardio workout', not stressed out from the nasty, quite lethal and literally insane traffic. Even stopped off for a cup of coffee, and rode the last couple of blocks in drinking coffee. Easier to do with this than a bike. :).
For the last miles of my morning commute, I wasn't dodging cellphone jabbering suvs hellbent folks, living on the edge of completely stressed out. I was instead, keeping an eye out for rabbits who like to duck into the headlight before veering off the trail, and deer that walk out onto the path and stare, wondering what the heck this thing is. Only, at the much lower speed of the trike, it's not a problem, not at all.

Look, the folks out there in their SUVs and Lexii, BMWs et all, cellphones stuck to their heads, driving like mad, aren't happy about it. I know this, they'd rather be doing something else, I'm sure. It's this crazy life. After reading up a bit on my panic attack, (Which I am sure is what landed me in the hospital last month) I've come to learn that a measurable percentage of drivers out there, are just barely hanging on, just on the edge of panic. Lemme tell ya, it ain't fun. I do know people who will not drive off their daily course to work, to the store, and home again. They claim they can't do it. Can't handle the stress. Now I understand. Now I get it.

So, I'm trying this. So far, so good.

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St. Whatshername said...

Luv the trike.