Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Weak Attempt at Better Living

For those of you who remember the LFMB*, (now known as LFMB-I). Once again, it's happening.

The original LFMB was a flunk. Nice try, sure. But it flunked. For a number of reasons. My old pre-evolution Fisher CR-7 was too small for me, at my then (and now) advanced weight. Was probably too small all along, but it never bugged me in the old days. I'm hoping to re-purpose it as a touring bike for her. I have some old Suntour barcons, a Gary Bar Origin8, and I'll get a nice sprung Brooks, some 26" touring tyres, and give it a go.

*lazy fat man's bike

Motobob was the real reason for the flunk. Good idea, and pretty well realised/executed. However, it was really weird to drive. I got used to it, and it's strange ways. Learned to unplug the battery whenever it was parked, to keep someone from hurting themselves by touching the throttle. Learned a number of things about it's odd ball handling. It was controllable, it worked, but was actually kinda stressful to deal with.

So, anyway. Now; LFMB-II

My Adventures with TT - an Ongoing Saga.

I spent monday and tuesday in the hospital, not a lot of fun. Unplanned, and resulting from not being more diligent in pursuing some other related goals no doubt. Returned to work on Wednesday. Office mate (the Thunderwing guy) made an off hand comment; "hey, you see that trike ad on Craigslist?".

What ad would that be?

look back, it went up yesterday I think.

Oh, okay, you mean this one?

Umm, yeah, that's the one!

Okay, I looked and looked and looked at it. Some kinda red tadpole trike. A TerraTrike certainly. But red? What TT is red? Off to the WizWheels web site to read their history. The ad claims it was a TT 3.2. Since the 3.2 is ancient that can't be right.

Doesn't really matter. The red frame means it was probably a TerraTrike Tour, and a Tour for $1300 is a pretty decent buy regardless. The TerraTrike Tour is the rig that Dan Price, the Hobo Artist rides. His work is pretty cool. You can check him out here at his website
I mean, the guy lives in a hobbit hole. For real.

Since I aspire to a Dan-like life, except more in the vein of lawn service rather than cartoon art stories, A tour should suit me fine.

Tadpole trikes are pretty neat. A few years back, I got all up in a fit over the concept of building a Velomobile. Since things like the Go-One and the AeroRider are so staggeringly expensive and must be imported, with all the headaches that entails. I thought that maybe there was a market for a domestically produced velomobile. I think there is, but achiving one is beyond me. My thought was to start with a tadpole trike, and build out from there.
At that time I spoke with the folks at WizWheelz a few times. They were encouraging, and had a 'hey, go for it!' attitude, which I really liked. But that seems to be their mantra. They took a pretty serious walk of faith when they stepped out to build their trikes. Check out their site, it's a deep site, lots of stuff there to read and look at. Pretty neat.

I went over to the pedalshop, kicked the flat tire,
poked at it,
sat on it,
it fit.
Wrote a check.


I pick it up next week.

The saga begins again.

We'll see.


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