Monday, December 7, 2009

Running away from Jack Frost

Well, the last blog entry never really got updated. But the story was written here:

This past weekend was Jack Frost and a great time was had by all I'm quite sure. Conditions were perfect.
Day started out with lots of snow coming down. Beautiful snow. Almost no wind, and the snow just pouring out of the sky. A quick ride around town and then over to HypnoCoffee for a tasty treat.
Can't get this at *buck$.
Note to self, riding about on Pugsley during a snowstorm. All is good until you take off downhill. When doing so, don't leave your sno goggles at home. Coming down hill from the top of town was pretty fun riding blind. Pugsley descends much faster than I ski, so. Just remember.
Anyway, sitting there, drinking my tasty treat, The very idea of going to Jack Frost started getting on my nerves. Dunno why. Didn't make it last year due to other stuff going on. For some reason, I just couldn't see going to a party. Truth be told, I don't like parties very much. So I ran away.

Running away, took me off into some beautiful places. Of course, the snow was falling so hard that the trees couldn't hold it, and I was getting hammered by big dumps of snow. Still managed to push my little camera about as far as it would go. I like this thing, but this is about as far as I can get it to go. I hate the idea of getting 'more' camera. But that might be the future. Guess I'm sorry I ran away, but I did. In point of fact, I was off trying to find Crow. Yeah, I often look for crow off in the wintry places. Other thoughts on stuff going through my mind pretty much all day. In a lot of ways, it's best I not spend a lot of time on my own, but
again, I just wasn't into a party.

Why not spare a thought this day
for those who have no flame
To warm their bones at Christmas time?
Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

--Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow
--Jethro Tull

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