Monday, July 6, 2009

A short ride up King's Gap

A short ride up Kings Gap

To make a short ride story even shorter, we went for a ride up Kings Gap on Sat.
A four mile climb. Maybe someone will tell me the gradient of this ride, seemed pretty gentle but relentless to me.

The pic above is at about mile one. Was a cool and cloudy day.This is long about mile 2. I wanted to stop at the little pond, but TLC was just cranking it out, so follow along did I. Puff Puff.

So, here we are at about mile 3. Right about now is when something in my right leg started shouting at me. Adductor longus, or Gracillis, or both, or heck, all three or four or whatall is in there. But I'd noticed this during my weekly commute. Gonna be careful with this now.

Hooray! The top. My knee/leg really wanted a break. Took an hour and seven minutes to do these four miles to the top. We didn't dawdle about up top, much as we would have liked, had somewhere to be. I won't go into how long the descent took. The speed limit on the road is 15mph; so telling, umm, would be telling.

This is really a beautiful place. Shame we were pressed for time. Another time perhaps.

This weekend, the Buy Fresh Bike Local ride is on for Cumberland County, Pa. Looking forward to that one. These are good folks, doing good work.

(yes yes, click on all the images, sheesh!)

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