Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 Canaan MTB Festival.

Dispatches from the Field:

2009 Canaan MTB Festival:
Canaan MTB Festival
The weekend, up here back home in Davis, WV. They (we) are having a Mountain Bike Festival. This kinda thing has been going on up here for decades.(Well, on and off). While there are a few annual races and such, it's really nice to have a few days of clinics, and fun rides of varying difficulty for pretty much any level of rider. Sue Haywood held a women's clinic on friday, which is great. The only competition is the rider competing with themselves. Relaxed, fun and for many quite challenging. Good stuff all around.Canaan MTB Festival The rides today (Sat) were supposed to begin at 9:00 am, so around 10:30 or so, folks started showing up and milling around. Eventually folks signed up for the various rides, and set off for the trails. I was supposed to spend some time with Matt Sherald of PIMBY Energy LLC this morning, but Matt made the good choice to set the work stuff aside and mount up for one of the rides. Priorities, he's got'em down in the right order.Canaan MTB Festival I chose to head out and go down to my house in Ruth Bell, but changed my mind at the last minute because dear ole Pugsly really needed to get out and play. So I mounted up late and set off to find the folks who took the gentle and mellow ride out Camp 70 led by Gary Berti.

I rode and rode, and couldn't find'em. Since I was starting so late, I figured they were already on their way back, and might have come back via some of the nice trails further up the side of the hill, so I wandered up and connected with the Trials Road for some single track back towards town.Surly Pugsley
I can say one thing for my recent commuting via recumbent trike, it doesn't do much to help with my single-track skills. Pugsley was well behaved, civilized and very forgiving however and after a while of that I gave up at the power line and headed back into town.Surly Pugsley When I got back to town, I took off down to HypnoCoffee (more Surly folks) to see if I could scare up some lunch, but forgot to bring any cash. Oh well. Did however, take some time to hang out with the good folks at Highland Prospects, who are finally moved into their really nice new space. And gave a few free Pugsley rides. Highland Prospects
Sorta gave up and came back over to Blackwater Bikes about the time that the group I had been looking for showed back up. Lots of smiling folks. good fun times had by all it seems.
Beautiful day. I figured I'd sit down and write this all up. So, there you are.Surly Pugsley

And a Good Time was had by all

Thank you Tucker County Trails.

And Hellbenders.

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