Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Dummy at Hypnocoffee

Surly Big Dummy
It's pretty clear now that there is an outbreak of Surly itis up in the little mountain town of Davis, WV.

Pretty much the domain of fully sprung aluminum mountain bikes, more 29er lefties per capita than anywhere else on earth I'll bet, with a nice sprinkling of hard core roadies tossed in for good measure, a second Surly has mysteriously appeared.

Our dear purveyor of liquid stimulants might not be the usual suspect when it comes to laid back slow-riding, it's actually rather apparent in the two wheelers in his stable. He related to me the spill he took on the very nice old '84 or so Specialized Stumpjumper whilst carrying groceries and 3 gallons of milk, that left him covered in milk and generally humiliated while en-route to open the shop one AM. Obviously something even less twitchy than an old-school mtb was called for. The old relaxed Trek wasn't up to it either. Enter the wonderful Surly creation, Big Dummy. Big, slow, relaxed, gentle, civilized. Complete with a proper Brooks saddle. Most folks won't get it, but I certainly do.

Lovingly built up by cussed bike craftsman, Roger Lilly of Blackwater Bikes, I think it makes a fine 'second' Surly for Davis, hopefully, the start of a trend.
Surly Pugsley

(Roger, building up Pugsley a while back)


Anonymous said...

I get it, too. And love it. Surly-itis is a wonderful itch to scratch.

cpm said...

Yeah, it's pretty fun stuff. Surly really 'gets it' about bikes. The whole idea is supposed to be fun. They are helping that happen again.